JavaScript fatigue

Learning JavaScript language syntax is relatively easy; it's navigating JavaScript that is considerably more difficult. There is so much activity in the JavaScript ecosystem - new libraries, frameworks, tools, etc. - that even experienced developers find it impossible to stay up-to-date. There's even a term for this: JavaScript fatigue.

A lot of beginners I meet know the feeling too well. They rush to latest features and technologies without understanding the problems which prompted birth of those tools, getting lost and disheartened in the patchwork of buzzwords. As a beginner you should focus on fundamentals so that you have the basis on which you can graft any technology when you need it for solving a specific problem. And when you decide to pick it up you shouldn't need to go through multiple tutorials but rather just read the official documentation. To help you develope that independence and confidence, I've created a list of steps that will take you to skill level of a professional front-end developer.

Updated 2 January, 2019