You've probably come across advice that you should work on projects in order to improve your coding skills. Your choice of a project should align with your learning goal. If you're applying for your first front-end developer job I think it'd be best you build a small application. An expense tracking application is always a good pick for beginners. If instead you want something original but don't have inspiration, check out this list of my project ideas I wrote down over the years.

  1. App that checks if a word means something bad in other languages
  2. Omegle for study buddy
  3. Personal website with a slider that controls how much of CSS styling is active
  4. [Power napp] One-click power nap app
  5. App that matches live performing musicians with audiences all over the globe
  6. App that matches tourists with local photographers to record their vacation
  7. App that matches tourists with local tour guides (
  8. App that broadcasts your music taste - generated from Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube profiles - to sound systems in bars, restaurants and music festivals
  9. App that charges you for snoozing morning alarms
  10. App that finds unregistered buildings by comparing cadastral maps with aerial maps
  11. Online community challenging members to embarassing and awkward tasks e.g. taking a swim in a public fountain
  12. App that fakes a call to your phone in order to get you out of an uncomfortable situation. Tap three times on your phone while it's in your pocket and after 20 seconds you phone should ring.
  13. Twitch for food preparation. A friend expanded on the idea and designed it.
  14. App that records conference calls and sends transcripts to participants when the call is done (
  15. App analyzes the recording of your speech: the number of uhms, the pace, tone and pitch, in order to help you improve your public speaking skills
  16. App that analyzes word usage in your writing and optionally suggests synonyms to words that are used too often (
  17. Digital DJ app that autonomously mixes music for weddings, house parties, bars, etc.
  18. [Quik-e-math] Video game that challenges you to approximate answers to difficult math questions - 1 / 17, 145 * 64, etc. - due to time restriction (e.g. 5 seconds per question)
  19. App that helps you memorize recitals by notifying you of differences with the written text or transcribed audio recording as you recite
  20. AirBnb for sport halls, gyms, and other sports facilities
  21. [Apiary] Online community for beekeepers
  22. App that helps you learn how to freestyle rap by auto-suggesting words that rhyme as you're rapping (
  23. Crowd sourced grocery delivery service
  24. Online platform where people collaborate on writing fiction
  25. Live worldwide dashcam feeds (
  26. App that crowdsources parking spots
  27. [] A URL that redirects you to a random wiki article
  28. Proximity-based time-boxed speed-dating app
  29. Browser extension that sets the audience of your past Facebook posts only to your friends in order to hide compromising posts from recruiters
  30. App that checks what online accounts - Facebook, SoundCloud, Flickr, etc. - an email address is signed up for
  31. Bookmarklet that transforms a web page into a Stack Overflow looking article (
  32. Online community that crowdsources best songs to introduce people to new music genres
  33. App that manages your online subscriptions
  34. Browser extension that hides Facebook, Pinterest, Medium, and LinkedIn modals when you're not logged in
  35. [Scrubber] App that uses Optical Character Recognition to re-generate text in order to avoid being tracked with non-breaking spaces (
  36. App that digitally signs your ebook or article by inserting unique sequence of non-breaking spaces (

Feel free to implement any of these ideas. I'd love to hear about your project, even if it isn't one of these ideas. Hit me up at [email protected]. Good luck!