Too often I see beginners trading mastery in knowledge for the sheer quantity of buzzwords in courses. They rush from one topic to the next without gaining a deep understanding of fundamentals and this hurts them in the long run. This isn't surprising considering how many courses market themselves as being an unavoidable component of your study to become a professional developer. So students tend to accumulate learning resources, ending up with massive unsorted lists of bookmarked ebooks and articles, while some go so far as complementing the bookmark collection with gigabytes of (usually torrented) courses. Even if the courses were good (my experience so far has shown me otherwise), beginners are almost always better off focusing on deliberate practice of a handful of courses rather than rushing from course to course.

Finding and picking those handful of courses takes time, energy and skill. I've decided to share my list of curated learning resources to help ease the pain of finding and committing to learning resources. Some of them are paid and that's fine. Just like paying for gym membership makes you more likely to work out, paying for courses makes you more likely to take the maximum out of it. So don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Quality learning resources are well worth the money. After all, you'll make back all the money you invest in your programming education in a few months of working as a professional developer.

It's perfectly normal not to (want to) know the latest frameworks and buzzwords. Focus on what interests you and ignore the rest. I hope this article motivates you to delete bookmarks of things you are not interested in.